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Kiirtan Ragas - HPMG ÍNDIA
Time-length-icon 5m 21s
Publish-date-icon September 6, 2009
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HUMAN VALUE It is customary to prefer social value to human value. The sadvipras want to strike at the root of this custom. To them, human value precedes social value. Human beings form the society, and hence human value should lay the foundation for social value. Human value means to treat the joys and woes, hopes and aspirations of human beings sympathetically, and set them on the pedestal of divinity after leading them to the Cosmic Consciousness. And if they are to elevate themselves to that sublime height, they will have to be provided with an environment suitable to their physical, mental and spiritual existence. It is the birthright of everyone to progress in their trifarious existence. It is the duty of society to accord recognition to this right of humanity. Society has failed to do its duty and that is why life is full of sorrows and sufferings. Nobody can say for certain that no great man would have emerged from among those wayward boys whom we tend to slight and hate. The woman who has embraced whoredom for the sake of her physical existence might have grown into a noble personality if her agony had been appreciated sympathetically and if she were accepted by society. But since society has nothing to do with human values, a good number of great personalities are withering away in their embryonic stage. The sadvipras will pick up this neglected humanity and arrange for its revival. To them no sinner is contemptible, no one is a rogue. People turn into satans or sinners when for lack of proper guidance they are goaded by depraving propensities. If their depraving propensities are sublimated, they will no longer be satans; they will be transformed into gods. Every course of action of society ought to be judged with an eye to the dictum, "Human beings are divine children." ("Social Value and Human Cardinal Principle") But when the question of delegating social responsibility arises, it will be considered with care and caution. An irresponsible person cannot be entrusted with social responsibility. If those who shoulder this responsibility are themselves sinners, then it will not be possible for them to discharge their social responsibility. Unless and until they correct themselves, they will not be given any social value, although they will in no way be deprived of human value. ("Social Value and Human Cardinal Principle") At present the worth of life is ascertained with an eye to money. One who possesses wealth commands respect and passes for a noble person. Nowadays if you have no money you cannot expect to get honour. The poor people belonging to all other classes have to woo the moneyed people just for the sake of earning a livelihood. Human values are taboo here. Human beings are now but a medium of earning money. The rich have purchased all the brains with their money. They have bidden farewell to all their human values and at the same time they are busy playing a chess game with the lives of the other members of society. Bereft of everything, the people toil around the clock to live from hand to mouth. Those who are at the helm of society are absorbed in strife and suspicion, or in reckoning their loss and profit. They have no desire to think of humanity. In order to gratify their self-interest they are ready to chew the humans' bones. There is no room for mercy, sympathy, or fellow-feeling. All are self-centered. ("Social Value and Human Cardinal Principle") Whoever violates the principles of morality (Yama-Niyama) should not get the opportunity of representing the people. If power is given to an incompetent person, it will be equivalent to leading society astray in cold blood. Sadvipras will install fit persons in power, and the social order which will be evolved by virtue of their leadership will give due importance to each and everybody. In this new society based on neo-humanism, every person will find his or her life worth living. Human beings will get back their position of honour. ("Social Value and Human Cardinal Principle") THE THOUGHTS OF P.R.SARKAR
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