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Those who want to establish universal equality or social parity by law or bayonet alone shall fail. They will not be able to effect a change of heart without a planned expedient, or to rectify character without any moral or ideal basis. In communism, the spontaneity of natural self-expression gets gagged by force. To remain suppressed like this is against the grain of human characteristics. The suppressed mind will evolve its own way of self-expression; it will have to revolt. (Human Society I, 72) Like any other problem, economic problems have only one solution: genuine love for humanity. It is this love that will direct humanity in what should and should not be done. For this, one need not study volumes of books. It will not be necessary to depend upon those who play with the fortunes of the mute populace. It is only necessary to look upon humanity with honest sympathy. (Human Society I, 78) "The world belongs to the toiling mass." If one accepts this maxim as the last word, it will amount to a denial of valuable intellectual labor. We cannot attach more importance to the problems of one section of society over another. While attending to the problems of the people, we shall first assess their financial and mental needs and then proceed to help them with love and humanistic concern, irrespective of their particular group, occupation or status. (Human Society I, 82) It is but natural that only a few persons can attain opulence. The laborers are in the majority and, having united together, are bent upon annihilating the predominance of the capitalists. This is why we are getting an indication of the impending predominance of the workers. But shall the predominance of the laborers remain as the final order? Will not the progress of the world and the evolution of the Self be hindered if control over the society is left to the workers? People have begun realizing what should be the framework of a blissful society - it is improper for any section of the society to gain predominance over the rest. The predominance of one implies the inevitable exploitation of the others. Therefore a society should be established wherein equal opportunities and equal rights may be offered to each and all. (Su'bha's'ita Sam'graha I, 5) Those who advocate a materialistic philosophy but are not moralists and spiritualists cannot effect such [progressive] changes. Only those who have the Cosmic Goal and Cosmic Ideation as the highest goal of their lives and who are universalists in the true sense of the term can effect such adjustments. Due to their enlarged vision and expanded consciousness, they bestow their love and affection upon one and all. They cannot cause any injustice in a particular age or to a particular person. Hence the Era of the sadvipra is both the prayer and the demand of the suppressed and oppressed humanity. (Abhimata, The Opinion, 136) One must remember, theories are not the liberators of human beings. The liberator is that lofty ability which helps to keep open every small or large vista of sentient existence - that vigorous capability which fuses the hard reality of existence with the ultimate reach of the visionary world. (Human Society I, 77) Public education is one of the fundamental needs for a successful and smooth-running democracy. In some places even people of education misutilize their voting rights. People cast their votes according to the dictates and persuasion of the pseudo-leadership. Is it not a farce in the name of democracy? Hence the spread of education and proper knowledge is essential. Education does not mean literacy alone. To my mind, education means proper and adequate knowledge and power of understanding. In other words, education is perfect knowledge of what I am and what I should do. (Abhimata, The Opinion, 140) Morality is the second fundamental factor for the success of democracy. In the absence of morality, people sell their votes. There are a few countries in the world where votes are being sold and purchased. Can we call this democracy? Is it not a farce? Hence, until fifty-one percent of the population adheres strictly to the principles of morality, there is no chance of a successful democracy. Where immoral persons are in the majority, the leaders will necessarily be from and among them. (Abhimata, The Opinion, 141) THE THOUGHTS OF P.R. SARKAR
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